вівторок, 2 січня 2018 р.

четвер, 23 листопада 2017 р.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

For each new morning with its lights,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.

  Decorating the Thanksgiving Tree

I am thankful for my grateful students!!!😊😍😉

субота, 14 жовтня 2017 р.

Святкування 25-ї річниці відродженої гімназії імені Маркіяна Шашкевича (14 жовтня 2017р.)

пʼятниця, 29 вересня 2017 р.

 Teacher's Day

      Teacher's Day is the ideal occasion to make your dear teachers feel special by giving lovely cards and presents. 


I look forward to your class,
When I come to school.

You’re an awesome teacher,

I think you’re very cool.
You’re smart, fair, and friendly,

You’re helping all of us.

And if I got to grade you, 
From me, you’d get an A+!

пʼятниця, 1 вересня 2017 р.

The First of September

Day of Knowledge is a great day when students congratulate their teachers on the beginning of the next stage of learning. They give them lots of flowers and chocolate sweets.🌷🍫

четвер, 31 серпня 2017 р.

Summer holidays are over. 😉 September is officially here, so it's high time to go back to school. 📕📖 Your teachers are waiting for you. 😊 Good luck!!! Enjoy every minute of it.